Britannia Coconutters Easter Dance

I have been working on my free machine embroidered bugs today and will be posting a video of me sketching an ant with my domestic sewing machine, so that if anyone is interested they can see how I create my bug embroidery drawings. However I had to stop for a Bacup tradition that happens every year at Easter time to go and see the Britannia Coconutters with my husband and our two children. They are a traditional morris men dance group of which the origins of the many traditional dances they perform are lost in the mists of time and no one can say with any certainty how they came about, but if you go to the small Pennine Town of Bacup situated between Rochdale and Burnley on Easter Saturday you will be confronted by a band of men the survival of which is as unexpected as is fascinating and whose strange appearance could be described as exotic! Here are some photos above and Happy Easter to everyone who stops by and reads my blog.


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