Free Patterns/Design Sheets

I have uploaded to the Hand Embroidery Network some free patterns/design sheets they are Russian Dolls and Bird Cage they are in PDF format and are available to download and print out for personal use only. I am working on some more design sheets and will be adding loads more over the coming weeks. The network now has 29 members which is great there is so much talent! I am really glad that I started the network I must admit up until this year I had never joined any social networks let a lone start one myself! I am a really shy person and being an artist I tend to keep to myself. I told myself this year I was going to be a joiner and so I joined the Embroiderers Guild, tried to setup a local embroidery group (though I was surprised that there were no embroiderers in Bacup!) and setup the Hand Embroidery Network to share my love and enthusiasm for embroidery. Well I achieved two of those things and have met some great people in the process.


  1. Sounds like a success to me! You pushed out of your comfort zone and are feeling the results.


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