New Embroidery Video Tutorial / Demo

Over the weekend I have done another small video on beginning free machine embroidery. The video shows how to use a hoop, setup your machine and start stitching. I am going to do a video every week as it is a great way to demonstrate techniques for the Hand Embroidery Network. This weekend I have been really busy working on a metre wide free machine embroidery and I have also been out sketching sheep near my home. I will have to post some sketchbook images and some more embroidery sketches as well.


  1. I love these videos, thank you for doing them! So, are you sewing without a free motion foot? I have been wanting to try my hand at free motion, but can't afford a new presser foot right now. Is it the hoop that allows you to do it without a special foot? If you've already explained this, please forgive me...

  2. I do not sew with a foot on the machine just the needle as I feel the foot gets in the way. You can however get clear plastic darning feet that are not that expensive. If there is a backing fabric of interfacing you can sew with the fabric in the hoop or not depending on the effect you are after. Without a hoop you get a very wavy free form fabric.


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