Running Out of Room!

It's been a few days since I last posted a message as I have been busy researching ideas and themes for a couple of embroidery competitions I am entering this year and also trying to get to grips with my new Brother overlocker! I have wanted an overlocker for awhile and finally decided to get one to help finish off my embroidered textiles. The network is going great we now have 20 members which I think is cool and everyone's work is wonderful! You should definitely check-out the gallery to see all the amazing embroideries by some amazing embroidery artists!

Just thought I would show the above image of my workspace as I am running out of room fast! I am definitely going to need a bigger house as the one we live in is tiny and I am slowly taking over with all my equipment and fabrics! I think my husband is convinced a bomb has hit the house when he comes home from work! I must say is does not help that I have now inherited Lisa the hamster on top of my antique sewing box, apparently she makes too much noise in Oscar's bedroom.


  1. It´s quite a relief to see I´m not the only person struggling with all + everything on + around one table... I enjoy your birds and bugs a lot, their delicacy + reduced colours


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