Domestic Pests

I am working on a few ideas at the moment which includes the piece above which will form part of a series of work on domestic pests. Following on from my cutwork moth I am continuing with clothes moths, larvae and eggs eating there way through fabric. I am fascinated how domestic pests go for the most part unseen in our lives but have their own little war on humans by causing holes in clothes, itching, scratching, coughing and sneezing!


  1. Very charming... The cleanliness of the white fabric in contrast to the destruction work, the writing - but are they on the warpath against us, really...?

  2. Thank you for your comment. They are just going about their business we are probably more of a pest to them!

  3. Great! very elegant designs..what do you think about embroidery digitizing? More power!

  4. Thanks for the comment but not into digitized embroidery as it takes the pleasure out of sewing and I produce one off embroidered textiles which are 100% handmade and original.

  5. Wow, I find you text so neat, mine is so scrawly. I like the idea of darned and cut through holes.


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