Eggs and Larvae!

Last night in the wee small hours after being on my feet for what seemed like a lifetime I finally managed to get my daughter Pippa to sleep! She has the snuffles and a runny nose so it has been waking her up for the past few nights. I feel like a walking zombie but at 3.00am this morning I could not go to sleep so set about producing the eggs and larvae of the common clothes moth in bullion stitch and French knots. I also worked another buttonhole cutwork with larvae! Mmmmmmm I wonder what tonight will bring or the early hours of tomorrow morning, probably day three of my walking zombie state!!!!!


  1. I am really liking this piece, and following its progress

  2. ps new header looks GREAT :}

  3. i have almost forgotten what those sleepless nights with a baby are like. poor you. i love the larvae and eggs - there is a reason why bullion is also called grub stitch

  4. Cheers guys thanks for your comments, I have that zombie feeling today again! I'm loving creating this piece and its quite relaxing to sew at three in the morning!


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