Frugal Living - The Good Life!!!

When I am not embroidering, myself and my husband Andrew like to grow, make and brew are own. We have decided to live the frugal life like the TV series 'The Good Life'. We have embarked on a new self-sufficient life style where every penny counts. We grow our own veg, brew our own beer, bake our own bread, etc. I knit for the children and go with the saying 'Make do and Mend'. Above are the fruits of our labour!


  1. This looks very wholesome and appealing. Enviable...

  2. snap! i loved that show when i was a kid. we brew beer, grow veggies ...but i havent got into bread baking in a big way...yet.

  3. what beautiful pictures! im practicing to be 100% organic! lovely how the simple things in life can give such pleasure x

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments, it really is so satisfying to know that what you are eating, wearing and drinking is something that you made or grew yourself! And it didn't cost a fortune either!


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