One night in Bangkok...

errr Bacup, wishful thinking on my part! Well today has gone too quickly I have managed to do some work on domestic pests, but I have spent the best part of the day writing content for the Hand Embroidery Network which I am enjoying as it is turning into a hive of activity with a flurry of new members (welcome to them!). I also had my sister over as we are planning a camping trip at the end of the month! And so far in May it has done nothing but rain so it does not bode well! The last time we embarked on a camping trip to Anglesey in Wales it rained and we spent a very wet bank holiday looking like drowned rats. And then there was the incident of my getting my hair caught in the tent zipper in the middle of the night while nipping to the loo, the whole of the campsite could here me shouting to my husband 'for gods sake get it out!!!!!' Not good... ahhh well them were the days (soon to be relived) the above picture is part of my floss collection I just carn't resist those threads!


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