Crushing Stone

I have finally finished the stitching on the Crushing Stone postcard. I haven't over done the stitching as I just wanted the image to be slightly tinted with embroidery and not work to much in to the stone or the stone circle. I will add it's backing tomorrow and I will remember to take a picture of the back as well to show that it is a postcard! I can start my Haworth ones now! Well I am off to my Father's Retirement Barbecue now, may have a drink or two and I am keeping my fingers crossed the rain will hold off. The sky outside is black! What do you think are my chances of not getting p****d wet through?


  1. Hi Sarah ,
    your unique work is Beautiful !!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words about my work!

  3. je suis florence pacaud mon blog je suis brodeuse d insectes, si tu viens te promener sur mon blog en france je serais tres heureuse


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