Feeling hot hot hot!

The temperature is creeping up here in Bacup, which is good if your head does not swell and your eyes bulge when you go out in the sun! Which is what happened to me when I went camping! As Brits we complain when the weather is cold and as soon as we get a so called 'heat wave' the first thing we say is it's too hot!!!!! Well it is very hot today, and even hotter in the studio with all the glass windows. Pippa my ten month old daughter must have been feeling the heat as she decided to pour the entire contents of her juice cup over her head and give herself a shower! So I am home from the studio early as like an idiot I did not take a change of clothes for her and she was absolutely soaked! Well I think I will find a comfy chair and continue to embroider my newest Victorian inspired postcard 'The Bronte Parsonage' while Pippa relaxes in front of her favourite programme 'Thomas the Tank Engine', strange but true she prefers this to Fifi, Peppa Pig or Dora the Explorer!

(Will post images later of 'The Bronte Parsonage' the early stages)


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