I did not get a chance yesterday to post some images of the beginnings or early stages of my new tinted postcard. I was hoping to complete a postcard a day!!! Ha ha who was I kidding what with nappy changes, feeds, the school run, cooking, cleaning etc. my precious time at the studio is only small. I will however be working on Bronte Parsonage this evening while I watch and here it is I am sad my daily stint of 'Big Brother'. Why oh why do I watch it? Is it because I like shouting at the TV that so and so is an idiot or is just the fascination of watching complete strangers make asses of themselves while trying to carve out what they hope will be a 'career'. I don't know but maybe I am a romantic and hope the 'fake romances' will be for real mmmmmmmmm well I do think Halfwitt is quite funny and he sounds like Lesley Phillips from the Carry On films. Enough of Big Brother... I am really enjoying my new postcard I was thinking earlier it was starting to have a pointillist feel to it with all the French knots.


  1. This is going to be gorgeous! You have such an amazing sense for tone and texture.


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