A little bit of knitting

After yesterday I felt like I needed something bright and fun to take my mind off things, so I thought I would finish a little knitted jacket I have been making for my daughter Pippa. It's not my own pattern it is a Sublime knitting pattern. I never use the wool the pattern says to use I always substitute it with a brighter one! The colour is 'pistachio' which I got from Texere Yarns my favourite yarn and textiles shop. They sell pretty much everything from inspirational embroidery threads to papermaking supplies. I particularly like their catalogue which has both yarn samples and printed pages giving you the chance to feel the actual yarns before you buy them. I know that I have bought yarns or fabric off the internet without seeing a sample first and been really disappointed! Im just hunting for some buttons now to go on the jacket and I have also started another little knitted coat with a hood in peach. I love knitting, my mum and gran taught me and when I make things for the children it reminds me of all the things my mum and gran knitted for me when I was a child!


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