Don't let the bedbugs BITE!

I have been working on a large piece for my domestic pests series for the last few days. I am enjoying developing this piece as the bedbugs have started to take on little characters! I still have quite a bit of small text to add and some more eggs here and there before it is finished. I have completed another red bedbug today and added the black dots of the bedbug faeces with fabric paints. I have also been working on some smaller moth eaten pieces and I have been developing ideas for domestic pest no.3 which I will start work on soon. The vintage gloves are the next piece that I wanting to complete so I will do a separate blog posting for them in the next day or so.


  1. Hi!
    I saw your photos in the Phat Quarter photostream & wanted to stop by to say what a great & unusual idea for embroidery pieces!

  2. Thanks Sam, I am really enjoying working on them!


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