Gloves work in progress.

I haven't blogged for a couple of days as I have been busy working on my Domestic Pest series and finishing off some of my Victorian inspired postcards, some of which are now available for sale on my etsy shop. I have lots of work in progress at the moment and I am really enjoying my current themes. I couldn't resist over the weekend popping into Echoes a vintage shop just on the way out of Todmorden which is closing down in the next few weeks, to check out some of the gorgeous vintage clothing and accessories. While I was in there I spotted some wonderful long cream kid leather gloves and thought how cool to embroider into these! So they are now under way and the above shots are before I started stitching into them. I will post some more pictures soon of my progress and the other pieces I am currently working on. Im off to see if I can find one of my favourite films called Blithe Spirit on YouTube. I used to watch it with my grandmother Amelia everytime it was on the telly! I always wonder what my grandmother would say about all my embroideries if she was alive today. I miss being able to talk to her, she always used to say to me 'you can turn your hand to anything' this was always after I had shown her some craft project I had been working on!

Just found this picture of 'Madame Arcati' the medium in the film version of Blithe Spirit, my grandmother thought she was so funny! (Hope the website I found the image on won't mind)


  1. Nice idea for embroidery on the gloves! I can hardly wait to see what you create.


  2. Those are wonderful gloves, I have been embroidering a babies nightgown recently with text and like the idea of using more "found" items. Your work is wonderfully declicate.

  3. Thanks Joanna, I love the idea of embroidering old vintage items so I am hoping to do some more of these.


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