Domestic Pests No 3

Sketchbook studies in ink pen.

I have started the sketchbook research for my new Domestic Pest in the series, Dust Mites! I am going to do a large piece on dust mites and hoovers. Its amazing how many domestic pests live in our homes and we never even notice they are there unless they are causing us allergies! Thousands and thousands of dust mites live on a typical mattress and in pillows and carpets. However they are not a parasite as they only feed on dead skin cells. They have hairy legs, no eyes and a mouth part that resembles a head and a tough outer shell like body giving a fearsome gruesome appearance! Shudder shudder... and yet their shape fascinates me!

Oh I forgot this is not strictly just embroidery rather the start of it!


  1. cootie but just so magnificent...i love this body of work madam!x:)

  2. Thanks...Im checking out hoovers at the moment!

  3. Hi Sarah, just catching up on some reading and have been going back over your last few posts. After reading the ones from early in September I am so glad to see that you are still here. I'd just like to add my comments to the others to say I think you have done a great job with the network and with the exhibition. Thank you.


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