Christmas has flown!

Christmas has certainly flown by this year, in fact the entire year has! It's been a funny old year and I have worked none stop! At the beginning of the year I set myself a series of goals that I wanted to achieve in 2009 and those were to network more, get my work exhibited, get more commissions, get my work published, sell my work through various galleries etc. well I can certainly say that I have achieved all these things and more!

Its been a year of ups and downs both personally and professionally. I am still in absolute agony everyday and have had that many tests with a further two more hospital appointments in Jan and Feb. I have decided in the New Year to take things slower and not get caught up in the 'Race' so to speak. I really need to put my health first as it is important for my children and for Andrew. I have had some scary health moments during the year, and it really has made me think that I have been doing far too much. Somehow I have to find a balance and hopefully I will be able to do that in the New Year.


  1. I hope so too Sarah, take care of yourself and a huge well done for all you have achieved in this past year, you really have been an inspiration.

  2. here is to balance..... cheers....

  3. Thanks Abigail and Jude, best wishes for 2010!

  4. Good luck with appointments-thanking you for your support and sending virtual healing hugs your way and wishing all the very best for 2010

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, best wishes for 2010!


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