Big Blue Bruise

the big blue bruise!

Well the weekend went by so quickly and not much stitching got done as myself and Andrew have been working hard on the Winter Wonderland exhibition for the Hand Embroidery Network. We had a few website technical problems namely it needed to be re-styled as things were everywhere and then yesterday morning I fell, I tripped over some toys and landed on my stitching arm! I have developed a huge bruise on the top of my arm and it is throbbing like hell! Plus I am aching all over! So it has not been a good weekend for embroidery! I ended up lying on the sofa browsing the Internet on my laptop left handed! I did find this cool link to a designer called Frederique Morrell who uses vintage needlework in an unusual way, you can check the link out on the HEN Blog. I thought they were pretty darn cool!

I'm hoping I can get on with some stitching today despite the arm as I am keen to finish the Lumbutts and Mankinholes postcard. I am going to be starting on some other embroidery tinted postcards and even some larger pieces about my family. I have had my mum dig out all our old family photographs especially those of me when I was younger as I want to develop these into a body of work about childhood and family. The domestic pest series is on hold for the mo, but I want to get back onto this at some point! I am just in love with old photographs and embroidery tinting at the moment and I have wanted to develop this theme further since I started the postcards last year. I just need to focus on one area and have a specific idea which at the moment seems to be childhood and family! I need to get some ideas down in my sketchbook and take it from there!


  1. Ow! That is quite the bruise - look after yourself!

  2. Thanks, Im a right clumsy sod, hubby Andrew thinks Im not safe to be left alone!

  3. It did hurt a lot and my arm is still bruised!


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