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Since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and believe me it has taken nearly two years to get a proper diagnosis from the hospital, I have finally started taking medication which will hopefully make me feel better. Throughout the constant pain and hospital visits once thing has always been on my mind and Andrew my husband's mind, that we need to live a healthier lifestyle. Last year we embarked on a journey and besides my commitment to the Hand Embroidery Network we created our family blog CraftyFrugals.

CraftyFrugals is about how we are trying to live a greener lifestyle, one of the things that spurred us on was mine and Andrew's love of the BBC programme The Good Life! The Good Life follows Tom Good and wife Barbara on their hilarious journey to become self-sufficient!

On his 40th birthday to be precise, Tom Good decides that he's had enough of the rat race and that he and wife Barbara will become self-sufficient. The pair convert their garden into a farm, get in the pigs and chickens, grow their own crops and on one memorable occasion, try to dye their own wool with nettles. Tom and Barbara would just be lone loons were it not for their neighbours, the henpecked Jerry Leadbetter and wife Margot, a social climber who cannot bear chickens wandering the back garden. It was such a brilliant series and me and Andrew still watch all the re-runs.

On a serious side though, we are both concerned about the future of our children and what is happening to the planet for future generations. We are not going to turn into massive eco-warriors or anything! But what we have decided to do is stop eating frozen meals, cook everything from scratch, Andrew grows his own beer, I knit, sew and of course embroider and I am going to even try the nettle dying! We're going to recycle more and consciously try to save energy and reduce our carbon foot print so at least we feel that we are doing our bit to save our planet.

Ok so now what we have done is setup a CraftyFrugals ning site where we hope everyone who creates, makes, bakes, grows their own veg, brews their own beer (can't forget Andrew would kill me!) and generally tries to live a greener healthier lifestyle. I must be mad hey taking on another community but to be honest it's all about sharing ideas and resources and having fun!

I have to say we are a bit like Tom and Barbara as we have plenty of laughs along the way! We don't have a huge garden rather a tiny yard and believe me what we pack into such a tiny space you wouldn't believe! Just got to decide where we are putting the chickens! We are hoping that we can get a piece of land in Bacup to start a CraftyFrugals Community Garden and share the space with local people in Bacup. Fingers crossed we can do this as it would be so good for the kids and I would love to get out more as sometimes I am confined to the house as I am in agony! Well now I have wrote War and Peace if you would like to join the adventure the CraftyFrugals Community is http://craftyfrugals.ning.com


  1. Sorry to hear about the arthritis - having trouble with my joints, too, + more or less given up trying to get proper diagnosis + treatment... + I´m very fond of the idea of community gardens... best wishes...!

  2. best luck to you. in the end health is everything, i am so appreciative of my parents for having instilled that is me.....

  3. Thanks guys, we are hoping that our new lifestyle will really help my arthritis and also give us lots more time with the children and have fun!


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