New Etsy Shop - ArtyThreads

I opened a new Etsy shop a while ago and have only just had time to work on it so that is what I have been doing this morning as well as my usual morning blog post over on the HEN Blog. I have called my shop ArtyThreads which was going to be the name of my blog as well but I thought I would rather have my name, save confusing people! I am in the middle of taking photographs and stocking the shop at present so you will have to keep checking back to see what is available (if you are interested of course!).

Yesterday I was at the hospital for yet another test, nothing to do with my arm which is now a lovely shade of purple and green! I am also at the hospital today for a blood test! I have certainly been doing my rounds of hospitals lately! Think I will take my embroidery this time as I was waiting nearly an hour last week!


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