Bronte Parsonage - Haworth

Yesterday I discovered a new group on twitter and flickr called Bronte-Along and was kindly asked to add my embroidery of Bronte Parsonage to the group! It is such a fantastic idea for a group and was created to celebrate works of the Bronte Sisters. Anyone who has an interest in the sisters is invited to join in reading and watching films based on the books and if you create arts and crafts inspired by the Bronte Sisters then you can upload it to the group! Just up my street as I love the books, films and most of all love visiting Haworth which is not that far from where I live! 

The landscape around Haworth is fantastic I'm hoping this year to get to see the Bronte falls, as last year I couldn't walk very well so have not had a chance to visit yet. There are lots of events on in Haworth throughout the year and it is such a great place to visit, we are heading over there this Easter! My favourite book is Jane Eyre which I have read many times and of course Wuthering Heights which inspired the inscription on the grave stones in my embroidery. I have two other Bronte postcards to work on and hopefully I will be inspired over the Easter weekend with a visit to Haworth to create a lot more Bronte artwork.

If you are a massive Bronte fan you should definitely checkout the Bronte-Along group! They also have a facebook page as well. 

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  1. love your needlework -- really evocative of 19th century pieces. beautiful!

  2. Thanks Lucy! Just checked out your blog!

  3. yay! thanks for joining. Can't wait to see what else you contribute!


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