Lumbutts and Mankinholes Done!

Finally finished my Lumbutts and Mankinholes tinted postcard! I really enjoyed making this one as it kind of marks the approach of Spring with the grass going green but the trees are only just starting to shoot new leaves. The sky is pale as it is still cold and you can feel the chill in the air though you know when the sun comes out it will be warm on your face! I haven't over worked this postcard as I wanted it to just have a subtle tinting of colour.

I have just started another embroidered postcard so will add some pics soon!


  1. Sarah, tell me, if you have time, how you did this!!!

  2. Oh also, I love your blog!! Is it new? I haven't seen it before!! I will put you on my sidebar!!

    Also, I am interested in your holistic med. I have some tummy problems. I will get back to you. I don't want to wear out my welcome!!!

  3. ooooooooh, now I see, I like what you did, it's very unique :)

  4. Thanks guys, I take photographs and manipulate them in Photoshop to age them using a sepia tint. I then print them with my inkjet printer onto cotton sheets that have paper backing and go through the printer. I then wash them so they are faded and tint them with embroidery like old Victorian postcards.

  5. Very cool!! You have better scenery I bet where you live!!

  6. Thanks, we have fantastic scenery from the Pennines to the Yorkshire moors. Whatever the weather it is extremely inspiring!

  7. What a great idea, very effective :-D


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