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A few weeks ago we decided, as we were embarking on this greener healthier lifestyle to keep chickens and we now have two good girls called Valerie and Taloula. At the moment we are getting one egg a day from Taloula but Valerie has not started laying yet. We did have quite a large white double yoke egg the other day so we wondered whether this was from Valerie as Taloula is laying small brown speckled eggs. Its great fun keeping the chickens the kids love it and myself and hubby Andrew are getting such a kick out of getting fresh eggs from our own chickens or chicken!

My holistic therapy course is going great and I have just completed my first assignment! The kids and me have just recovered from a 4 day stomach bug and I am now keen even more so to learn about alternative therapies and medicines! The course is really interesting and I am getting a buzz out of learning something new, however I am going to be starting a new embroidery soon as I want to keep my hand in! I am mostly going to be making things for the home and to go on my etsy shop on the themes of nature and mind, body and spirit so watch this space! Back to the books now! Hope you like the new look blog!


  1. Hi, Sarah! You have no idea how much I enjoy reading stories like these - right now I can't imagine having such a lifestyle. But it certainly is in my plans! :)
    Since Easter is coming... why not embroider some of these fresh eggs you're getting from the girls? ;-)

  2. I love your diversity in living a full eco-friendly, artful life. And for that i have become a follower of your site. Inspiration and using imagination from the child within us is what moved me to create a blogspot blog and just recently a tumblr blog. I have mentioned you on my tumbler and would love if you stopped by and commented. Namaste. Christy. and


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