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The title for my blog post today is 'What's in the News' which is what Charlotte Church called her rather annoying sing song spot on the Charlotte Church show! She used to sing 'What's in the news your'll find out today, it's all here in this news' it was really annoying and cheesy and used to drive poor hubby Andrew nuts, so me and Oscar always sing it to him when we have any news! lol ok, what am I going on about you are wondering?

Well great news the Craftyfrugals community has taken off and we have 61 members so far which is cool. We are working on the next issue of NEEDLE so hoping that will be out soon! Also managed to combine most things onto the Hand Embroidery Network community site! So that's great and I am feeling more relaxed about things too. Which is brilliant and has prompted me to take the most exciting change of all! I am going to train as an Holistic Therapist! I am really really excited about this and think it will fit in nicely with our lifestyle. I love alternative therapies and on this course I get to study Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Nutrition and Counselling. I am hoping to add to this in the near future Crystal healing as I am really interested in this and other healing arts.

I'm not going to be stopping doing my embroidery or anything as I believe and always have done since uni that art and health go hand in hand and I want to develop this further. I am 40 next year! 'OMG' lol and want to find balance and harmony in everything I do for the next chapter in my life! Myself and hubby Andrew are going full steam ahead with our self-sufficiency and greener lifestyle it's all good and really exciting! Andrew is even buying me some chickens for Mother's Day off the kids and I can't wait!

Oh almost forgot LuShae Jewelry are having a fab giveaway so it maybe worth checking out as there is $200 worth of jewellery up for grabs each month!


  1. Just found your blog. I retrained as a homeopath when I was between 38 and 40 and it's the best thing I ever did.
    On your crafty frugals site in the cooking ection there was a question about mace and what it was. I'm not signed up as yet to reply but here's the answer: The lacy aril is removed by hand from the outer shell of the nutmeg and then dried, becoming yellowish-brown mace. Mace is sold in whole pieces called blades or in the more commonly-found ground form. The color can often help you determine its origin. Orange-yellow blades most likely come from Grenada, while orange-red blades tend to be from Indonesia.

    Mace has a flavor described as a combination of cinnamon and pepper, a more pungent version of nutmeg. It is used in cakes, puddings, custards, desserts, cheese dishes, souffles, sauces, soups, poultry, and fish. It especially complements dishes with cherries or chocolate.

    Unlike most spices, ground mace has a longer shelf-life when stored properly in a tightly-sealed jar or container in a cool, dark place. One teaspoon ground mace equals 1 tablespoon mace blades. Nutmeg may be substituted for mace in a pinch and vice versa, but obviously the flavor of the end result will be affected as with any substitution.

    I saw it being made last year in St Lucia x Good luck with your arthritis and I hope it doesn't affect your stitching too much.

  2. Hi Claire thanks for your words of encouragement and your information on Mace I have added it to the Cooking group on CraftyFrugals. I do hope you will come and join us.


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