Fabulous Finds!

is this Jane Eyre in the gardens at Thornfield Hall?

Hubby Andrew has been off work today and is off for the next six days which is great as we have lots of things planned for over Easter! From a trip to Haworth, a beer festival and hopefully some decorating thrown in! Today we had a trip over to Todmorden to have a nosey around the flea market they have there every Thursday. There was some great things and I picked up a couple of fab books for £3.00! Bargain! One on aromatherapy and the other which eagle eye Andrew spotted on the Brontes called The Illustrated Brontes of Haworth, scenes and characters from the lives and writings of the Bronte Sisters by Brian Wilks. It's a fantastic book full of paintings, photographs and illustrations can't wait to sit down and read it!

I also found some fab tinted postcards which I absolutely love and I have now loads of ideas for some new postcards and larger A4 tinted photographs as well. I'm hoping to find some old photographs in Haworth as there are a few antique shops there. I also have a lot of old photographs of the family so want to do some family tinted embroideries for the house. If I can I want to find some old vintage photo frames to frame them in as well.


  1. hi sarah
    am a member of your ning network too, thank you so much for sharing and giving us a platform to interact and share our ideas

  2. Sarah,
    These are really beautiful! I came across your blog on the brontealong site. I am pleased to see another UK person as most of these blogs are American. I have just joined the blogging world and look forward to meeting like minded people as everyone I know thinks what I do is BORING.

  3. Hi Veena thank you for visiting my blog and I am so glad you are enjoying the network.

  4. Hi Teresa, thanks and welcome to the world of blogging. It's great to meet someone from the UK who is following the brontealong too!


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