More Sketchbook Work

Yesterdays sketches- mixed media

Today's sketch - mixed media

I am continuing with my sketchbook work and trying to get a looser quality with only suggestions of the different elements. I am also trying a mixed media approach as well. These are small A4 studies that maybe worked up into larger paintings or even machine embroideries.


  1. I like the gestural qualities in the top photograph, although I did enjoy the bottom one as a scene.

  2. Thanks, I think I got a bit too tight again with the second sketch I wanted it to be more gestural like the first ones!

  3. Your artwork is beautiful! I'm inspired!

  4. Hello Sara! I just became a follower of your blog. I love your work, especially the Houses in this one painting and the road. I see you have not been on your blog lately. Would love to see more of your awesome work. Hugs, Francine


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