Camping it up in Angelsey

We recently embarked on another Whittle camping trip! We usually go away around my birthday at the end of May and this year I really needed a break! We had a fantastic time and the kids really enjoyed it! My daughter Pippa who was not walking when we went camping last year was running around all over the place and into everything she thoroughly enjoyed it and though we had a couple of days where the weather was not so good that did not deter the Whittle spirit!

Hanging out with dad!

Oscar playing footie

Pippa and her ball

Gone Fishing

The Whittle tent

View from the tent


  1. Hi Sarah just fell into your blog. The site you were on looks just like the one we stayed on last year and lost our tent in force 10 gale. It had been my idea to camp on the edge just cos there was a pool on site.
    pop over to my blog if your free

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  3. Este es mi blog donde subo mis mejores dibujos. Espero que pasen y opinen!!!


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