Antwerp Edging Stitch

Antwerp Edging Stitch is also known as Knotted Blanket Stitch. This stitch adds a lovely decorative finish to a plain hemmed edge of table linen such as napkins and tablecloths as well as the good ole hankie! This might be a nice edging to add to your handmade projects. 

Ok, to work Antwerp Edging Stitch. Working from left to right along your folded edge, bring your needle up at 1 and then insert your needle at 2 as shown with the thread beneath your needle pull through leaving a loop of thread. Next insert your needle inside the loop of thread you just created with thread beneath your needle pull through gently to form a knot. Carry on working stitches in this way along your edging. This really is a lovely edging stitch and one of my favourite!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Finished Edging
Handkerchief Edging with Tassel


  1. Harika...Teşekkürler....

  2. Hi,
    Don't quite understand the list of options so I chose anonymous. I am at
    This is a wonderful sample. I did a horizontal flip on the pictures for lefthanded instructions. I think I will finally be able to do this stitch for my casalquidi correspondence course thru EAC!
    Thanks so much for these photos.


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