Book Review - Sew Liberated

I am doing a few book reviews for the Hand Embroidery Network so I thought for all those that weren't members who may read my blog I will put it here on my blog also!

Liberate your sewing with Sew Liberated

Are you looking for a stylish way to use appliqué or do you want to know how to apply appliqué for your sewing projects? If so this book is sure to be an inspiration. From the author of the Sew Liberated Blog, Meg McElwee, you will find 20 stylish projects for the modern sewist.

Each project has clear instructions from beginning to end with easy to follow illustrations. There are gorgeous photographs of the projects to get your creative juices flowing and once you have tried out all the projects in the book you are sure to feel confident enough to have a go at your own appliqué projects!

At the back of the book is an appliqué primer with step by step photographs for you to follow plus tips and techniques to have you as Meg says 'appliquéing with confidence'. There is also an embroidery stitch library if you are new to embroidery and want to embellish your projects. A useful part of the book is the section on useful stitches and techniques such as slipstitch, whipstitch and how to attach binding with mitered corners! All the paper patterns for the projects are included and stored neatly at the back on the book in an envelope. This really is a fab book that if you are wanting to have a go at making some projects for your home or as gifts for a loved one this is really a good place to start!

I have to say my favourite projects in the book are the Teacup Corset Apron and the Mother / Daughter Blossom Blouse which I will definitely be having a go at for myself and my little girl!

Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee is published by Interweave. For more of Meg's creative applique visit the Sew Liberated Blog.

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