First Blog Giveaway! Reader I Married Him.

Well here it is at last! After an arthritis flare up that made it so my neck didn't want to move and just this week a dicky sewing machine that nearly stopped me adding a backing! I have finally finished my Jane Eyre tinted embroidered postcard to giveaway as my first ever blog giveaway. (See the inspiration behind the postcard here).

So if you would like a Sarah Whittle original embroidery lol please leave your name and a comment below. You have until Sunday 1st August to sign up. I will use one of those random generator things to determine the winner which I will do so on Monday 2nd August. You don't have to be only in the UK I will post it overseas too.

Ok below are images of the finished postcard so you know what you are getting and if you love Jane Eyre and the Bronte Sisters then this is up your street! The text on the postcard is from the last chapter and it reads ' Reader, I married him. It's signed in the corner with my initials so you know it's by me!

I just started a new one on Wuthering Heights, it's a combination of an image of the church yard at Haworth and the lyrics from a Kate Bush song! Pics soon!


  1. That is really beautiful piece. The french knots are just perfect.

  2. Hello Sarah, I just love this post card. All those wonderful french knots. And the photo of the church is great as well. Elizabeth

  3. I saw this posted in the Flickr embroidery group, and I think it is so beautiful! Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time. :) All those french knots are incredible!!

  4. This is really beautiful. Am working on my family tree and my maternal great-grandmother was Jane Eyre. This would be great to add to my family scrapbook.

  5. Great attention to detail. There is a spot on my wall crying out for a piece like this.

  6. OMG!!!!! I am sooo inspired....truly beautiful!

  7. Yessss, i would like a Sarah Whittle original embroidery :))
    This piece is very beautiful.


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