Me and My Shadow!

I have changed my profile image and just had to post it here too! This is a recent picture of me and my daughter Pippa. When ever I'm stitching she is always by my side. She loves the feel of the threads and she loves to feel the finished embroidery. I can't wait till she is old enough to teach her embroidery. Oscar my little lad used to love pulling the needle through the fabric for me when I was stitching but he is into drawing cars and monsters these days!


  1. So SWEET Sarah. Your a lucky lady to have a daughter interested in your passion.

  2. Hi Sarah, your daughter has such a creative name. Can you tell how you thought of it? Pam from US

  3. I am very lucky Pippa is such a sweet heart and a really contented happy little girl. She loves a good rummage through my fabric and threads! I think when she was born she just looked like a Pippa! I think sometimes you just know!


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