Chain Stitch

Chain stitch is one of the oldest embroidery stitches. It can be worked on evenweave and plain weave fabrics. It is useful for lines both straight and curved or as solid filling. You can fancy up your chain stitch by decorating it with backstitch or whip stitch. I added a backstitch to the chain stitched flower below with gold metallic thread.

To work a chain stitch work from top to bottom. Bring the needle up at 1 and insert the needle at 1 again, loop the thread beneath the needle. Bring needle up at 2, a small distance below 1. Insert needle at 2 again and bring the thread beneath the needle like before and bring out at 3. Repeat as necessary, all stitches should be of equal size (though can be varied for interesting effects). To finish fasten with a small stitch.

Chain Stitched Flower with Backstitch in metallic thread.


  1. That is beautiful! Do you ever share your patterns, such as the one on this tutorial? You do beautiful work!

    Debbie J

  2. Wonderful work, you must be patient enough to sew the chains in line.
    Would be very pleased if you could share some more of your work.

  3. Thanks for your comments on chain stitch, I draw all the designs freehand for the demonstrations. I will have to make it as a pattern!

  4. Moi j'aimerai bien, merci pour partager:)


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