Closed Feather Stitch

Closed Feather Stitch is a decorative border stitch and also used for wide lines both straight and curved. It can be used on both plain and evenweave fabrics and if using plain weave fabric you may wish to draw guidelines on your fabric first.

To work Closed Feather Stitch, working from top to bottom, bring your needle up at 1. Loop thread as shown and take needle down at 2 and up at 3 inside the loop of thread. Pull through gently.Next form a loop with your thread again take your needle down at 4 and up at 5 inside your loop of thread again. Pull through. Take your needle down at 6 and up at 7 to begin the next set of stitches continue working in this way. Note that each stitch touches the previous one.


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  2. Sarah gracias por compartir tus puntadas, he aprendido muchas con tus tutoriales.


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