Couched Circles

Following on from yesterday's couching tutorial is Couched Circles. You can fill a circle using spiral couching to form flowers, wheels and so on. It is a very effective technique which looks great in metallics as well as wool type threads. You can create couched circles using radiating stitches and bricking stitches.

To form a circle with radiating stitches
First mark your fabric with a circle with regular radiating lines either eight or twelve. Next bring the thread to be couched to the surface of your fabric at the centre of the circle. Coil the thread in a spiral and couch down with your finer thread at regular intervals following your guides to form a spoked pattern. Always bring the needle up on the outer edge and angle all stitches towards the centre. Once you reach the end of the spiral required take your laid thread to the wrong side of the fabric to finish. You could couch a series of different size circles in wool threads on natural linen to create a funky cushion!


  1. That is so cool. So many uses for circles! Thank you!

  2. Cool! Thanks for this! I will definitely find a use for it :-) Probably in gold thread.

  3. Hi Sarah! What a nice surprise to click on this link and find out that it is yours. Love this stitch!!!!

  4. I need to see the start point and how did you close it at the end ?? thanks


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