A typical Gemini

I am a typical Gemini in the fact that I have two creative sides to me, my embroidery and then my painting and illustration side. Just recently I have been working on a series of illustrations and paintings which I have put on my other blog called My Painting Diary these include my insect illustrations, watercolour and acrylic paintings. I decided to separate the two things I do as I thought more people followed this blog for my embroidery work. The thing is some of the illustrations and paintings may become embroideries! So my dilemma is do I keep two blogs going or combine them into one! Any thoughts?


  1. Im also Gemini and have similar problems! My creative side wants to do and create everything and I struggle with whether to keep them separate or not. I think i've decided to not as its just to restricting to do that; but then saying that I still have two blogs; one for textiles and one for 'everything else'! This probably isnt much help but saw your post and thought it sounded like me! If it helps check out my two blogs and see what you think; sometimes there is an overlap and I like that.

  2. Interesting dilemma, Sarah. I recently started a second blog. The first is for everything else and the second for stitching only. It occurs to me that I obviously view all my stitching (itself a very broad category) as so important that it needs its own blog. But I am thinking I will run into trouble because "everything else" also informs and influences my stitching. And now I have to post in 2 places and I have enough trouble keeping up with the first. Perhaps I made a mistake and should have kept the two together? I am voting for you keeping the one blog because your two aspects are very tightly linked.

  3. Thanks Abigail and Judith for your advice it is difficult deciding what to put where I guess it would be easier to have one blog with everything but sometimes my paintings seem so bright in contrast to my embroidery that I find it hard to merge the two! I am thinking I will keep the two for now and see how it goes or I find I am struggling for time!

  4. Hi Sarah!
    I love your work and would enjoy seeing everything on one blog. Just my quick opinion... ; )

  5. Thanks Lotus I guess it would be a lot easier to have everything on one blog as I don't want to start reblogging stuff!


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