Darning Stitch

Darning Stitch and Darning Patterns are created using several rows of Running Stitch. Running stitch is one of the most simplest and basic stitches used in embroidery. It is one of a few where you can make several stitches in one in and out motion. You pass the needle in and out of the fabric making regular even stitches. Ok so here's how to work it! Oh nearly forgot you can work on plain or evenweave fabric. If you are a beginner working on evenweave fabric maybe easier as you can follow the holes to keep your stitching neat!

Working from right to left bring the needle up at 1, down at 2 and back up again at 3 to start the next repeat. Turn the work at the end of the row to start the next.

Patterns can be formed by arranging in chevrons, brick pattern or other simple ways to form blocks repeats. Darning stitch would be a great addition to the bottom of a child's dress or cuff or around the edge of a napkin or table cloth.


  1. i love the bottom variation

  2. Thanks Jude and Karen I prefer the bottom one too, dots and dashes!


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