Detached Chain Stitch

Today I am posting my tutorial on Detached Chain Stitch, the stitch that kicked off my Stitch A Day on the HEN Blog. To work this extremely easy and versatile stitch bring the needle up at 1 and insert it at the same point, leaving a loop of thread on the top of the fabric. Then bring the needle up at 2, this has to be inside the loop, and then down at 3, this is outside the loop of thread, making a small stitch to hold the loop in place! Easy or what? You can use this stitch for scattered fillings or grouped in a circle to form pretty daisy like flowers! Worked with a longer stitch to hold down the loop it is good for representing leaves and flower buds.


  1. Fantastic blog! You make me feel I could give this a go which is saying something

  2. Thanks, you should give it a go! Embroidery is really easy to learn and there are lots of different stitches to try!

  3. I love your tutorials especially how you say what to use the stitches for. I embroidered when I was a child but it was so long ago I've forgotten how. You make me want to take it up again.

  4. Thanks Kamala I do hope you take up embroidery again!

  5. Chain chain's my 99% of the time stitch!! Carla/My Needle Habit


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