Double Chain Stitch

Double Chain Stitch is a line and filling stitch. It creates an attractive wide border both straight and curved. Double Chain Stitch can be worked on plain and evenweave fabrics in a variety of thread thicknesses. If using plain weave fabric it is better to mark the fabric first with a fabric pen. A pleasing effect can be produced by adding a French knot in the centre of each chain using a contrasting thread. This would look really effective on the cuff or hem of a tunic top.

Ok, to work Double Chain Stitch, working from top to bottom bring your needle up at 1 and down at 2 and up at 3, the loop of thread should be beneath your needle as in the first picture. Pull your needle through, do not pull to tightly. Next take your needle down again at 1, and up at 4, thread beneath your needle again. Pull through. Taking your needle down again at 3, inside the chain and up again at 5 with your thread beneath your needle pull through. Carry on working from side to side inserting your needle inside previous chain. Secure last chain with a small stitch.


  1. Thanks for this easy tutorial. You make the steps very easy to understand and the pictures are wonderful and clear. I'm going to practice this tonight.


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