Feathered Chain stitch

Feathered Chain stitch is a decorative border stitch with a vine like appearance. It basically consists of small chain stitches at the end of straight stitches. I have to say though it's rather nice and quite easy to master. Feathered Chain stitch can be worked on plain and evenweave fabrics in any thread type. I think it looks really pretty in shiny and metallic threads.

Here's how to work Feathered Chain stitch.

Work from top to bottom. Bring your needle up at 1. Insert the needle again at 1 and bring it up at 2 below and at a slant. Make sure the thread is beneath the needle as in photograph 1. Pull the needle through. Next insert the needle at 3 (note that 1, 2, and 3 form a straight line), bring your needle up at 4 (level with 2). Take the needle back down at 4 and bring it up again at 3, make sure the thread is beneath the needle again (see photograph 3). Then take your needle down at 5 (note that 4, 3, and 5 also form a straight line) bring it out again at 6 level with 3 to start the next repeat. Continue is this way alternating from side to side. Finish the last chain with a small stitch.


  1. I'm so enjoying perusing your site and learning your stitch techniques. I've done a bit of Japanese silk ribbon embroidery but It's so hard to find supplies here in the small town I live in. so, I'm going to get into some really fancy embroidery , hopefully. LOL I earn much faster from seeing you make the stitches so I'm looking for all your tutorial videos. You are SOOO talented and I hope and aspire to someday make it to your level of expertise. I'm so glad I found your site. I couldn't get any signature to work except the anonymous but my name is Deonia

  2. Hi Deonia, many thanks for your message I am glad you are finding my tutorials useful. Good luck with your embroidery.

  3. Answer to my prayers: I am one of the few who think that hand embroidery is much more a piece of art that machine worked. Now that I am retired, I have time to devote to these projects that I've wanted to be able to do for years.
    Thank you so very much...Joy Russell

  4. Thanks Joy for your comment, I think something that takes time to learn and produce can only be an artform! :-)


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