Great Expectations

I have been beavering away for the last few days working on a new theme or should I say an old theme with a new twist! I am developing a new theme to my work based on Great Expectations and the famous Miss Haversham. This is the first piece in what I hope will be a body of work based on the novel. This first piece is called Miss Haversham's Longing. Miss Haversham as we know was jilted at the altar and remains in her wedding dress and veil with the wedding feast before her untouched and decaying! At some point before she becomes a bitter twisted old lady and uses Estelle to get revenge on men, there was a broken hearted woman who was left on her wedding day longing for the return of her beloved!

The poem I have used in the piece is called Longing by Matthew Arnold. I have only used the first stanza of the poem to signify Miss Haversham's longing for her lost love. The embroidery its self is an old floral embroidery I did at uni and I have added some moth eaten buttonholes to it, so you could say it is more a moth eaten longing!


  1. Beautiful! I love the story behind your work of art!

  2. I have also been toying with the idea of a body of work inspired by Great Expectations! But in a totally different style, and including other Dickens works. These are lovely and wistful and very beautiful :)

  3. Thank you both, Great Expectations is a great theme to work with! I love all the classic novels they are a constant inspiration!


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