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As mentioned in CrossStitcher Magazine I am working on a series of homewares and gifts based on my insect drawings. Beetle Cushion is the first in a series of cushions made in linen fabric. The collection will be extended to include tea towels, tea cosies, egg cosies and bags etc. I am also working on a new website in conjunction with my very talented hubby Andrew who is creating me an overall brand for my hand embroidered products.

All of the products will be available to order through my etsy shop ArtyThreads until the new website is up and running.


  1. Your pillow looks a lot like mine. It is such a different design, that I noticed it right away. I used applique for the body, but the rest is very similar. My pillow is on the Hand embroidery network that you started I believe.

  2. Yes Elizabeth I did start the Hand Embroidery Network. My embroidered pillow is from an original pen and ink drawing I did last year and posted on my blog so therefore I could say it is very similar to my design! See my original drawings posted March 2009! http://sarahwhittle.blogspot.com/2009/03/inspired-to-stitch-bugs.html

    I do not spend my time trawling the HEN looking to nick people's designs I spend it in a more productive way drawing my own!!!!!

  3. Just in case there is any confusion about the comment left by Elizabeth here is her cushion posted on the HEN in July 2009. http://handembroidery.ning.com/photo/beetle-pillow?context=user

    The designs are not similar in any way a part from that they are possibly the same insect! Elizabeth also says on her image on the HEN where she got the design for her cushion 'pattern from an old book' so there are probably quite a few cushions out there which resemble it. Where as my cushion is taken from my own drawing as indeed all of my work is and I actually feel quite insulted!!!


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