Something Blue

I have been finishing a few pieces off this past few days and adding them to my etsy shop ArtyThreads. Sometimes I start things and think am I going down the right road and suddenly change my mind! So I am disciplining myself to finish everything I start for once! I am also embarking on designing some patterns as well which are quite sketchy in style the first one Bird Cages is on my etsy shop. I am stitching each one out which is something I didn't do when creating some of them for the HEN ages ago so I thought this time I would do it properly.

I think generally due to my arthritis I am learning to take things easy and slowwwww down with my work there is certainly no rush!! Hand embroidery certainly takes a lot of patience and I am enjoying developing new themes especially my Great Expectation theme. I have even wrote the poem myself for my next Miss Haversham piece! Anyway I am not feeling blue but this small hankie would be lovely for a bride to be on her wedding day!

Something Blue by ArtyThreads on Etsy


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