A Cosy Sunday!

Today I have had quite a cosy Sunday! I decided to finish off the Red Berries Tea Cosy that I have been making to match the egg cosy and lavender heart.. I have also been making cup cakes with the children which was great fun and the kids loved it especially Pippa who was covered in chocolate. This was Pippa's first time cup cake making as she is now a big 2 and quite happy to join in the activities with supervision and instruction from big brother Oscar! The weather has been frightful today and certainly one for staying inside and having hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Red Berries Tea Cosy
A bit blurred they are never still!
Them cup cakes were yummy!


  1. Love your tea cosy - it's beautiful! I also love the chocolate covered mouth ;-) When we're baking, I always complain that there'll be nothing to put in the oven after all the "tasting" going on!

    Sam x

  2. Thanks Sam, same here we nearly didn't end up with any cup cakes as they practically ate the mixture!


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