Herringbone Stitch

The next series of hand embroidery tutorials on my blog are going to be Herringbone Stitch and it's variations. Herringbone Stitch is also known as Russian Stitch and Russian Cross Stitch it is a line stitch which can be worked on both evenweave fabrics and plain weave fabrics. Herringbone forms a criss cross border which can be used plain or glammed up as you will see in later tutorials. Once you get the rhythm of Herringbone stitch it can be worked quite quickly. A guideline can be drawn with an air erasable pen to keep the stitches even.

Ok, to work Herringbone Stitch you first bring your needle up at 1, down again at 2 and up at 3. Next take the needle down at 4 and up at 5 the loop of the thread should be on top of the needle as shown in the picture below. The tops and bottoms of the stitches should all line up. The crosses can be wide apart to form a gentle slope or closer together to form a steeper slope.


  1. Your tutorials are excellent.Thanks so much for sharing. I have an idea for using the God's eye.


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