Loop Stitch

Loop stitch is a decorative line stitch that can be worked straight or curved. It can also be worked in rows with interlocking arms to form a decorative filling. You can work Loop stitch on plain or evenweave fabrics and it works really well when using twisted threads. The centre of Loop stitch has a raised plaited appearance and it can be used as a fancy outline stitch when it is worked small.

Ok, to work Loop Stitch, if you are going to be keeping your stitches quite even draw two guidelines on your fabric. Starting at the right hand side bring your needle up at 1, in the middle of your two guidelines, down at 2 and up at 3 pull the needle through. Next pass your needle under the stitch between 1 and 2, don't pierce the fabric. Your thread should be beneath the needle as shown in the picture. Take your needle down at 4 and up at 5 then pass the needle under the top stitch with thread beneath the needle as you did before. When passing the needle under the top stitch always keep the loop of your thread to the left of you. Repeat to the left for as long as required.

Try changing the space between the stitches for an uneven look.

Or work several rows together with interlocking arms to form a decorative filling.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful clear example of how to do this stitch. I shall look forward to the first opportunity to work this into my next piece.


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