Raised Herringbone Stitch

Raised Herringbone Stitch is a bold stitch used to depict leaf and petal shapes. It can be worked solidly or more openly for a spikey effect. It can be worked on both plain and evenweave fabrics in a variety of thread thicknesses. The thicker the thread the more raised the effect.

Ok, to work Raised Herringbone Stitch first mark a leaf or petal shape on your fabric with a fabric marker pen. Now using a blunt needle throughout bring your needle up at 1 (the bottom of your leaf), down at 2 and up at 3. Pass your needle from right to left through the vertical stitch without piercing the fabric and then insert your needle at 4 and up at 5 to begin again. Repeat this sequence until your entire shape is filled. This really does create a lovely textured leaf or petal shape.


  1. Thanks; I don't know this one. Very effective!

  2. Your welcome it's a great stitch do give it a try.

  3. Beautiful...This is new to me.Thank you so much for the lovely tutorial.

  4. Sarah, do you have a tutorial showing you making the raised herringbone stitch leaf? I got lost trying to figure out where the second and remaining stitches went at the bottom of the leaf. DAR Lady

  5. Sorry no I don't, if I get chance I will do another tutorial or a video on how to complete the leaf. If it helps you work each stitch around the leaf shape inserting your needle through the small straight stitch each time until the shape is covered.


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