A Tummy bug and a bit of Cross Stitch!

I have had a horrible tummy bug for the past week, in fact the whole family have been down with it! These bugs only last a few days but I always seem to get it really bad due to my arthritis and the medication I'm on! My little one has had us up at 3.30am nearly every morning due to her tummy pains and I have been feeling like a zombie. Before I got the bug though I thought I would have a go at some cross stitch to add to some baby shoes I was making for my shop. I haven't cross stitched in god knows how many years and it was quite refreshing and addictive! I am thinking of doing some more cross stitch designs to apply to purses. I have started with a simple heart design and applied this to the shoes and a small coin purse I made in linen. I haven't used aida fabric but opted for waste canvas to apply the design so the fabric matches all the other things I have been making! Anyway here they are below I finally got to photograph them and upload them to my shop yesterday!


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