Under the Mistletoe

I remember when I was little my mum and dad having a bunch of mistletoe every Christmas pinned above the arch way from the living room to the dining room. When all the relatives or your parents friends came around you were obliged to give an embarrassed peck on the cheek or receive one, every time you unwittingly walked under it! I was always really shy when I was little so I just used to flush bright red and try and hide! When your older  though and you are single and it's Christmas eve, mistletoe doesn't seem that bad lol

Anyway here is my new design for an egg cosy inspired by mistletoe! I am really into collecting vintage buttons and textiles at the mo so I am hoping to do some more 'arty' pieces incorporating vintage finds. I have a pair of vintage kid  leather gloves I have been itching to work on and never got round to! There is a photo of them somewhere on my blog.


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