Life is full of twists and turns

As the post heading says 'life is full of twists and turns' and my life has taken another turn recently! I haven't posted for awhile and I guess I have been trying to make decisions about what to do whether to carry on or to give up completely writing the blog and also my embroidery!

My husband and I have just recently taken on the huge responsibility of home educating our seven year old son and eventually our younger child too. The school our son attend really let him down and we feel it is in his best interests to be taught in a way where we can see his development and educate him with a more child led approach which is centred around his interests and also ability. It's a big step and I have had my head in countless websites looking at the pros and cons of elected home education but we feel it is the right one! Our son is happier and that is all that matters!

I have changed my header graphic to my blog to reflect that my kids come first (not that they never didn't!) and that embroidery and everything else I do come after that, I'm still going to write the blog and carry on with all the things I love doing like cooking, knitting and of course embroidery and I will still be creating things for my etsy shop ArtyThreads. However these things will be done when school is done for the day and at the weekends when my husband takes our son to his clubs. I guess embroidery is now my hobby like knitting and cooking and I am happy about that as for the last year I feel I have been running after something or part of a huge race and I don't have to do that now and that is definitely a good thing!

I guess my blog is going to change a bit and I hope those of you that drop in and read it will stick with me as here will be a mix of family, home ed, embroidery, cooking and knitting and everything else in between lol. It would be great to hear from other parents who are home educating their children too as I would love to hear your experiences!

Cheerio for now!

Sarah x


  1. What an exciting adventure to start! I'm sure it will work out great, and, if not .... it will still be all good! This sounds like a win win situation all around. Thank you so much for all the embroidery tutorials you've done. You really inspired me to break away from my same few stitches and experiment. You are a great artist! I'm sure you'll be a great teacher too :)

  2. Hi Sarah,dont worry,Iam doing the same thing,I am teaching my daughter at home only,thats why Iam not able to concentrate fully on embroidery.We will develop these skills later,children education is very important.You are a great teacher

  3. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain" ~ Anonymous

    You will figure out a way to make time for all the important things.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Welcome to the home education world! Obviously, I think you've made the right decision :-)

    It does take time to find a new balance in your life, but when you see how your children respond, it is worth all the rearranging. Personally, I seem to be a night owl - at least it's quiet ;-)

    There are lots of us home educators on Folksy, and many, many more on Twitter and Facebook, so you'll have plenty of help if you need it. I haven't used Twitter for a while, but there are a huge bunch of HE-ers in the followers/following. Take a look @sam_i_am_b

    Have fun!
    Sam x

  5. Many many thanks for all your comments and words of encouragement! I am so reassured and it is brilliant to know that we are not alone and that there is a network of home educators out there!

    It surely is a great adventure and though we are just finding our feet we can see a real difference in our son, he is so much more relaxed and happy!

    Thank you Sam, I will have a look on twitter and facebook as well!

  6. A large committment.

    I wish you luck with home schooling.

  7. Thank you Judy! :-) It is a large commitment and even though we have been only home schooling for a few weeks it certainly feels like we made the right decision!

  8. Sarah I just found your blog and wish I had found it long ago. Congratulations on deciding to homeschool your children. It will be an experience your whole family will love.

    Thank you for not deleting your blogs, this one and also HEN as the archives are going to be a very useful tool to many of us. I am following both blogs in hopes that I will catch any new posts you do in the future. Beautiful embroidery work, instructions are well written and the pictures are so much more helpful to those of us that have to actually see instruction rather than read it.

    Good luck to you and your family!

  9. actually i find you a great devoted mother with multi-skills and hope you and your children a great life.


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