Hope you have had a great Valentines Day today! I have been blogging over on the HEN Blog today with Valentines work from the Hand Embroidery Network and the HEN Flickr Group. Do check out these resources because there is some truly fabulous work!

It's not been a very nice day here in Todmorden very dark and dreary, though the sun did come out for a short while when I went to pick the little lad up from school! Hopefully it will be a better day tomorrow! I will be back to work on my own embroideries tomorrow so with any luck it won't be too dark to take some photos!

Anyway I thought I would post these images of where I have recently moved to, Todmorden in West Yorkshire it is a great place and its people are really friendly which makes a change from where we used to live! I took these photos last year so the weather was a lot better than it was today!


  1. What lovely photos. It's great to see nice sunny photos ..... it has been gloomy for far too long don't you think?

    What is the memorial / stone thingumybob at the top of the hill?

  2. Thanks Elaine, yeah it's been far too gloomy I am so looking forward to Spring. The monument is called Stoodley Pike and it sits on the top of a hill overlooking Todmorden on the Pennine Moors. Im hoping this year to climb up there and have a look!

  3. Those photos are nice! It's such a wonderful place to visit soon.


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