Recent Stitcheries

Ok, so my machine is playing up again! Just when I thought it was all going swimmingly it has thrown a hissy fit again! I definitely think it is time I got a new one! For now however I am back to needle and thread which is not a bad thing because, 1) I just love the relaxing feeling of stitching and 2) it's more portable and you can do it anywhere!

What have I been stitching? Well this year is going to be my 40th birthday, shock, horror! So I have decided I am not going to take myself so seriously and just go with the flow and that is what I want to do with my stitching! I am just going to stitch what I feel like, when I feel like and concentrate on developing my stitching skills further!

On that note I have been doing a bit of Valentine stitching, a little heart key ring and something I remember adding to the back of Valentines cards when I was a kid! S.W.A.L.K - Sealed With A Loving Kiss, you used to seal the envelope with a kiss in your best bright pink Girls World Lipstick and write S.W.A.L.K underneath and then spray it with your mum's best perfume! Thing is I never got one back because I was a right skinny rib and flat chested to boot! Well I was on the running team and spent all my time running cross country and track so I weighed about 5 1/2 stone all the way through school and the kids called me bone! You might say awwwwwwww but god would I love to be that thin again and flat chested after breast feeding two kids lol

Satin Stitch Lips and Chain Stitch Writing
Cross Stitch Keyring


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